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This page shows a selection of projects I have done. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more about the content, process or prices.

LOGO Design

Every graphic design starts with a solid logo - it's the base on which you build your brand. Whether you'd like a minimal logo, or a more playful one - together we'll build the perfect fit!

Logos shown:

Move & Motion - Global Mobility Services | Expedition: Good Life | de People Praktijk 

Ongeraffineerd | In g'n Veel | Tess Acupunctuur |  Wiersum voeding & coaching |

Finansial Kualitas | Brand Pannenkoekenrestaurant

De People Praktijk
Ongeraffineerd - logo
In g'n Veel
Tess Acupunctuur
Wiersum voeding & coaching
Finansial Kualitas-11
Brand pannenkoekenrestaurant
Move & Motion
Expedition good life


Infographics are the best kind of graphics out there. If done right, it's like magic: great amounts of info and text disappear into a coherent, understandable, visual story. We all know a picture says more than a 1000 words. A good infographic says ten times more.

Infographics shown: 

Cultural values of Hofstede for de Wert accountants & belastingadviseurs 

Strength Training 101 - how to train for which effect?

My cup of coffee

Vampire Protection Plan for datavisualisation workshop

4Industry services - how does it work?

The results of 1000 kettlebell swings in a month

How to achieve focus, and why you should

Development of Ampelmann Operations from 2007 - 2015

What to eat - Post Workout foods

Sprookjesmonitor (in Dutch) (click to download)

Plantbased Milk (in Dutch) (click tot download)

De GrishaVerse - The world of the GrishaVerse (click to download)

Hypnobirthing breathing techniques (click to download)

How to set up a hi hat

LAP 3 score for

Infographic Plantbased milk
Shadow and Bone - De GrishaVerse
Strength Training 101
What's in my coffee?
App4Mation - 4Industry
2000 kettlebell swings in a month
Hofstede Model
Ampelmann over the years
Hypnobirthing - ademhalingstechnieken
Bnext LAP 3 ladder
Post workout foods
Vampier protection plan
Hi hat set-up


Instagram is a great platform for sharing knowledge and ideas, but you do need to think about the amount of info you can show. For example, text should be large enough and visuals crystal clear. Then, by using multiple images, you can still tell a lot! And if needed a whole story.


Below, two instagram series are shown: Plant-based Milk and the Bias Series. 

Dunning-Kruger effect
Confirmation bias
Framing effect
Backfire effect
Barnum effect
Self-serving bias
Availability heuristics
Sunk cost fallacy
Anchoring bias
Groupthinking bias
Plantbased milk-02
Plantbased milk-03
Plantbased milk-04
Plantbased milk-05
Plantbased milk-06
Plantbased milk-07
Plantbased milk-08
Plantbased milk-09
Plantbased milk-10

Graphic design is all about details. It's about the perfect font, the correct amount of contrast and the matching colors. 


It's also about the bigger picture. Good design tells your brand story and reveals its character. Is it a hero, a cheeky monkey or a zen master? Let's make your visuals exactly what you had in mind - but better.


Visuals shown:

Business card Tess Acupunctuur / 

Material cart & T-shirt design Anniek Fierce Fitness /

T-shirt design Burpee Bazen /

Brandbook Ampelmann Operations / Magazine Amplified / 

Onepager 2BHonest /

Handdrawing white on black  / Mug Burpee King 

Graphics & Branding

Fierce Fitness
Fierce Fitness Shirt
Burpee Bazen - rood_Tekengebied 1 kopie 4
It's there at last! The brandbook! #ampelmann
Onepager 2BHonest
The best company now has its own magazine - Amplified! Bloed, zweet en tranen maar ik ben trots! #am
Design by me hihi
Tess Acupunctuur - dubbel kaartje-21

Tell a story, tell your numbers with visuals. 

Did you do extensive research, or a thorough analysis? Present your outcome with an infomotion! Fast, very clear and easy to understand.



Creativity can be stimulated in many ways: from brainstorming in a creative setting, to role play, making videos, prototyping and 3D-printing a model of soon-to-be-released products. If you need someone to start drawing outside the lines, scroll down to the contact form!

Examples below:

Workshop Datavisualisation

3D-print of a new system for Ampelmann Operations

Champagne gift wrap for Brouzje

Creative sessions for personal growth

Creative facilitation for the Prinsenhof museum in Delft

Photoshoot for cover of Amplified

Workshop Data Visualisation

Shooting of instructional video for AMC Amsterdam

Workshop datavisualisation
#tbt to one of my first Ampelmann projects - 3D-printing one of our systems! #ampelmann #neveradullm
Because work never stops.jpg.jpg.jpg even in space
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