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Create data

visualisations for you

I can create all kinds of datavisualisations for you. Whether it's an infographic, infomotion or a visualised report, I can transfer your black and white data into a colourful, appealing and engaging visual. 

I have done this for many projects. One of my partners in this process is 2BHonest -

Infographic Plantbased milk-12
Vampier protection plan
Sabine Kettlebell swings
Timeline Infographic - klein formaat - 13-08-2015
Post workout foods-05
Hofstede Model - De Wert-01

Enlarge the visual skills of your employees

Datavisualisation is absolutely a skill and requires time and effort to do it well. However, a number of key design rules, process guidelines and smart tools will help you get on the right track. Contact me for:

Talk: the Power of Datavisualisations

Datavisualisations are very powerful, in a good and also sometimes bad way. This talk takes you through the essentials of datavisualisation and gives the audience a new pair of glasses to look at visuals. 
Time: from 30-60 minutes

Workshop: visualise your data
Get going with a pre-defined visualisation challenge. I introduce you to various tools, share more insights and help your people to visualise their own data in a hands-on training session.

Time: half day

Visualisation coaching

One-on-one (or small groups) coaching to empower your people in an intensive and very personal way. 

Time: various

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