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Charlotte Marsman

Visual DeSigner
CharlotteM (5 van 20).jpg

I’m fascinated by how people perceive the things and experiences around them. I'm curious and speak my mind.


I love to work on things that make people understand each other’s perceptions and related values and expectations. The form of these things depends on the situation and could be an infographic, a story, a poster, an animation, video, 3D-print or whatever fits at that moment. It could also be a good conversation or a single question. But most of the time it's something visual: I'm passionate about (data) visualisation!

My strong points are my enthusiasm, spontaneity and thoroughness. I am a very positive person and I’d rather see problems as challenges, helped by my flexible mindset and creativity. Oh, and I love to play sports, discovering new things and travelling to different places all over the world, far away and close to home. Learning new things is what makes me happy, like doing a barista workshop, massage course and getting my motorcycling license.

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